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It’s time to stop playing hard to get

After a year and a bit of life interrupted, TheGuyliner advises those on the dating market to drop one thing for good: playing games you simply don’t need to play.

For perhaps the most natural thing in the world, love sure comes with a lot of complications: so many ways it can go wrong; endless rules and customs to observe; obstacles we’re determined to put in the way. As much as dating etiquette exists to protect us from people with dubious intentions, it stifles us too. Take playing hard to get, for instance. It’s one of the oldest dating tips in the book –

If anything, the pandemic reminded us most things are beyond our control. There’s a sense that after a year of a life curtailed, it’s time, to put it simply, to get a bloody move on. Dating site Badoo found its users keen to sweep aside the usual niceties, with 69 per cent of romantic hopefuls claiming to be done with games or playing hard to get, and 35 per cent saying lockdown showed them the importance of just being themselves.


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