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Less Ghosting And More Honesty: Dating In 2021

Spare a thought for the single people currently sitting out a third strict UK lockdown. The pandemic has put paid to pretty much all of the perks that once came with being unattached. Being answerable only to yourself is less enjoyable when you can’t take advantage of your independence with, say, a spontaneous European city break. The best opportunities to flirt with attractive strangers (the post-work crush at the pub, intimate gigs, the office Christmas party) have all been eliminated by social distancing. As for me time… who really needs much more of that, at this point?

Logan Ury, director of relationship science at the dating app Hinge, predicts an impending “relationship boom” in 2021, citing the “chaos” of the past year as having dramatically impacted people’s mindset when it comes to finding love.

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